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    For all of life's cruises


    As an agent, you'll have access to a wide range of tools to help you make the most of your travel business, on whatever scale you choose.
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    for all your travel agency needs


    The Cruise Studio is now part of the Travelmakers brand and we are connected to Signature Travel Network. The BEST services, solutions and resources for travel agents.
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    for all your planning desires


    With Signature we have programs like Axus App, Microsites for well over 200+ supplier and travel itinerary and tour operators, client base, sabre cruises, and so much more. Check us out.


I'm not a Travel Agent, but I joined the Cruise Studio Executive Package for travelers wanting the best service. With all the perks, the $200 advisor service fee means I'm getting more for my vacation and travel experiences. Simply the best.
Jay Chattham
My business is growing, I started with The Cruise Studio as an agent just over a year ago. This is a tough climate now, but it will bounce back. TCS connects their agents to top notch travel tools & resources so we can make more on every booking. From just for fun agents to those building a serious business, MyCruise Studio with The Cruise Studio and Signature Travel Network, THE BEST!
Suzanne Brown
SuBrown Travel
I travel and shoot photography. I joined the Cruise Studio to take advantage of the deals and commissions as a Travel Advisor. I blog, and so I can make money on the side to support my #1 goal... Travel the world and shoot the photos.
G. Turnik

In business for yourself but not alone or on your own

With the power of Signature Travel Network and the assistance of Travelmakers, The Cruise Studio now has the backing, strength and resources to fully command all of life's cruises: from ocean, to river, road trips, to mountain, RV and Lake adventures and, when/if - space! Seriously.... we've got you covered.

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