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Travel is a multiBillion dollar industry. There are new travel advisors starting up an adventure every day, even in this global pandemic.
Now is the perfect time to start. You have time to learn and prepare and get totally set up.

It’s important to know your why? Is it because you want to book your own travel
and earn the commission that is already being paid to someone?

Perhaps you have a travel blog and you travel a lot and you feel it’s time you start making some kickback
on your travel adventures and maybe some of your followers will book through you.  

Maybe you’ve always felt this nudge to do something unique, you love adventure you love cruising, or resorting,
and you think this could be the way to go.  No matter what you’re reason, what your why… our Personal Travel Advisor program is a great start.

Are you looking to build a more robust travel boutique focusing on
luxury, wellness travel or Eco-travel, Gastro-tourism and really take it somewhere,
if that’s the case you’ll want to join our Boutique Travel Advisor program. 

Check out our program options at:

We Amp’d Up Our PTA Program
It’s the most awesome
Travel Advisor Club around!


All members get

  • Free E&O Insurance $1500 Deductible
  • $25a E&O Insurance w/ $750 deductible
  • Basic Commission Split of 50/50
  • Enhanced Commission Split of 85/15 *
  • VidMaker & SociApp free
  • Graphic Designer Software Access
  • Freely designed Social Media Resources monthly
  • Access to Leisure Travel Alliance our Consortium for PTA Program
  • Marketing Program ( you must submit your names to us for digital marketing)
  • General Training Programs
  • Supplier Webinars, Partner Sites & Affiliate Site Setup
  • Commission Tracking Software
  • CRM Tool $100a
  • CBS Booking Form Freely included
  • Book of Forms to run your business/side hustle your way.
  • Single Profile Webpage
          (Signet members get microsite links to their suppliers of choice for better marketing * ask us how)
  • Leisure Travel Alliance Membership Access to LTA Back Site.
  • Private CoOp for booking Carnival

* Some features have an additional annual Fee

Book travel inside your 30 Day $5 trial and even if you decide it’s not for you, you’ll still earn the standard 50% Commission.
And we’ll let you keep your account with just that Tour Operator to manage until after you travel.

We do not require that you only sign with us. You can belong to more than one host agency, this is your business, we’re just a partner.

Looking to Build a Premium & Luxury Travel Boutique with us?

Go to JOIN ITA NETWORK to our Boutique Advisor program and learn how the right training, with the right resources
 and signature exclusives can make a difference in building a full-fledged travel boutique. The Signature Difference is the way to go.